Black Ice


The prologue itself anchors you to this book, bone-chilling retelling of a murder that it is. Furthermore, it makes you question how the events will turn as a murder so early in a book clearly indicates a link to be found somewhere later.

The first chapter beginning a year later surprises the reader with its first line: “If I died, it wouldn’t be from hypothermia.” And then a very normal situation of a teenage girl and her best friend who have decided to hiking presents itself, bewildering you as you wait for the shoe to drop. The protagonist happens to meet the love of her life and ex-boyfriend, Calvin, at a gas station and to save face with an absurd claim, devises a situation with a random guy, who quite happily plays the role of her current boyfriend. Britt grows a bit suspicious of this new guy, Mason but her anger and frustration towards Calvin eclipses all as she ransacks his precious Ford, stealing a valuable map and a few other trinkets.

The story starts rolling downhill, as while trudging uphill in a snow storm, away from the car abandoned in a dubious condition, these two girls, Britt and Korbie, end up knocking the door of trouble. Trouble, for who else but Mason, and his seemingly close buddy Shaun would receive them warmly only to deceive them. Survival being an urgent criterion here, the story quickly evolves from being a mountainside adventure into a dangerous game of criminals leaving trails, and trying to evade being caught. Fugitives on the move, a damsel in distress holed up in an almost unreachable cabin and a determined teenager who refuses to give up pretty much sums up this part of the story, except one of those fugitives happens to get lost with that determined young girl out in the forest. The reader gets absorbed in an epiphany. Those notions are written in a way that the reader too is confused about who Mason could be.

The big reveal is saved for the end, and a series of shocking incidences trigger emotion within the reader as they’re all seen through Britt’s eyes, who is obviously not just integral to the occurrences that imbibe themselves in the reader’s mind, but also caught in the chaos of emotions. This is not quite the end as the cadence of these disheveled notes is a beautiful sunny afternoon, a year later where Britt finally meets the love of her life and as usual, life goes on.

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