The Man in the Trench coat


A gripping thriller, The Man in the Trench Coat is an intricately designed web of mystery that keeps you reading well into the night. The characters are well portrayed, making one wonder what made them who they are.

ACP Shekhar and ACP Raut although polar opposites in some situations, are equally appealing to the reader due to their radically different perspective of looking at circumstances. Their role in the investigations astounds you as far as striking personalities are concerned. The suspects in the story, The Man in the Trench Coat and Control, are by far, the most bewildering villains you can except to encounter. While the vigilante stunts or rather, expert assassinations carried out by The Man in the Trench Coat are clearly against the law, you start questioning the integrity of law itself. And while Control is obviously an accomplice in this agenda, why so? What connection is it between the four of them that turns this book into a page turner?

While the thoughts embedded in the minds of characters are not transparent, the plot bends your loyalties to a particular character and then twists the paths to the final showdown, where all the thoughts residing in your subconscious start making sense. The plot has a lot of underlying disparities yet by the time they are resolved, one is so deeply engrossed that the depth of each character is evident. The flow of the story line is centered around various things that are equally integral to the unfolding events. In addition to that, the terms and endearments used in the book are explained in layman terms in a glossary at the end as well. All in all, The Man in the Trench Coat is a must read for all.

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